CatEyes - user 2018-02-25T22:11:56-05:00 RAISINS - Rating: 3.8/5,2007-01-01:135419 2011-05-26T02:22:01-04:00 2011-05-26T02:22:01-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>... are GRAPES that worried too much. VIRTUES - Rating: 5/5,2007-01-01:135250 2011-05-24T02:10:23-04:00 2011-05-24T02:10:23-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Certain abstentions. VANITY - Rating: 3.6/5,2007-01-01:135248 2011-05-24T02:07:11-04:00 2011-05-24T02:07:11-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>The tribute of a fool to the worth of the nearest ass. VALOR - Rating: 4.2/5,2007-01-01:135247 2011-05-24T02:05:52-04:00 2011-05-24T02:05:52-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>A soldierly compound of vanity duty and the gamblers hope. MOSLEY ERA - Rating: 3.8/5,2007-01-01:135236 2011-05-23T23:49:06-04:00 2011-05-23T23:49:06-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>YEAR n. A period of three hundred and sixtyfive disappointments. IMAGININGS - Rating: 3.9/5,2007-01-01:134552 2011-05-10T05:20:58-04:00 2011-05-10T05:20:58-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>When turkeys mate<br>They think of swans. SACRIFICE - Rating: 4.5/5,2007-01-01:134551 2011-05-10T05:15:16-04:00 2011-05-10T05:15:16-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Married men live longer than single men.<br>But married men are a lot more willing to die. MARRIAGE - Rating: 4.7/5,2007-01-01:134550 2011-05-10T04:59:10-04:00 2011-05-10T04:59:10-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>... is an attempt to solve problems together<br>which you didnt even have when you were on your own. SELF DEFENSE - Rating: 4.2/5,2007-01-01:134548 2011-05-10T04:51:04-04:00 2011-05-10T04:51:04-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Never raise your hand to anyone.<br>It leaves your groin unprotected. SENILITY - Rating: 4.4/5,2007-01-01:134542 2011-05-10T02:11:07-04:00 2011-05-10T02:11:07-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>First you forget names then you forget faces.<br>Next you forget to pull your zipper up and finally<br>you forget to pull it down. FARMVILLE - Rating: 4/5,2007-01-01:134189 2011-05-04T03:18:23-04:00 2011-05-04T03:18:23-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Nothin like an old childhood crush finding you<br>and befriending you on FB coz he needs cows or some sht on Farmville. DIPLOMACY - Rating: 4.8/5,2007-01-01:134113 2011-05-02T22:19:15-04:00 2011-05-02T22:19:15-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>All diplomacy is a continuation of war<br>by other means. PUSSYWILLOWS CATTAILS - Rating: 4.3/5,2007-01-01:134111 2011-05-02T22:17:23-04:00 2011-05-02T22:17:23-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>A happy arrangement<br>Many people prefer cats to other people<br>And many cats prefer people to other cats. YES YOU - Rating: 4.1/5,2007-01-01:134055 2011-05-02T08:00:30-04:00 2011-05-02T08:00:30-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Hey Osama what took you so long SURROGATE MOM - Rating: 4.5/5,2007-01-01:134046 2011-05-02T05:29:24-04:00 2011-05-02T05:29:24-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>The Vatican is against surrogate mothers.<br>Good thing they didnt have that rule<br>when Jesus was born. OSAMA R.I.P. - Rating: 4.5/5,2007-01-01:134045 2011-05-02T05:20:40-04:00 2011-05-02T05:20:40-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>He now joins Megatron at the bottom of the sea. DISINFORMATZIA - Rating: 4.4/5,2007-01-01:134020 2011-05-01T23:19:05-04:00 2011-05-01T23:19:05-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>To dispel any rumors about Supermans involvement<br>in Osama Bin Ladens death... DE MORTUIS NIL NISI BONUM - Rating: 3.4/5,2007-01-01:134019 2011-05-01T23:02:43-04:00 2011-05-01T23:02:43-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Here lies the body of Osama<br>nuked to death by our Obama TRAVEL AMERICA - Rating: 3.9/5,2007-01-01:133907 2011-04-29T04:14:45-04:00 2011-04-29T04:14:45-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>In the U.S. there are two classes of travel <br>first class and with children. BOOB TUBE - Rating: 4.3/5,2007-01-01:133849 2011-04-28T06:00:31-04:00 2011-04-28T06:00:31-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Television is a medium<br>because anything well done is rare. INCOME TAX RETURN - Rating: 4.2/5,2007-01-01:133847 2011-04-28T05:27:51-04:00 2011-04-28T05:27:51-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>An income tax return is like a laundry list<br> either way you lose your shirt... CELEBRITY - Rating: 4.8/5,2007-01-01:133846 2011-04-28T05:22:05-04:00 2011-04-28T05:22:05-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>A person who works hard all of their life to become well known<br>and then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized. KEY TO SUCCESS - Rating: 4/5,2007-01-01:133842 2011-04-28T03:07:51-04:00 2011-04-28T03:07:51-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>The secret of success Get up early<br>work late and strike oil. SMOOCHES - Rating: 4.6/5,2007-01-01:133841 2011-04-28T02:47:42-04:00 2011-04-28T02:47:42-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Never let a fool kiss you<br>or a kiss fool you. TEMPTATION - Rating: 4.5/5,2007-01-01:133840 2011-04-28T02:44:36-04:00 2011-04-28T02:44:36-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Do not worry about avoiding temptation.<br>As you grow older it will avoid you. ELIGIBLE - Rating: 3.6/5,2007-01-01:133838 2011-04-28T01:20:37-04:00 2011-04-28T01:20:37-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>A man can be short and dumpy and getting bald<br>but if he has fire women will like him. INFALLIBLE - Rating: 4.5/5,2007-01-01:133715 2011-04-26T01:25:41-04:00 2011-04-26T01:25:41-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Smart people are always so sure<br>theyre right. PONDER THIS - Rating: 4.8/5,2007-01-01:133712 2011-04-26T01:10:22-04:00 2011-04-26T01:10:22-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>I dont know the key to success<br>but the key to failure is<br>trying to please everybody. PRAYER - Rating: 4.7/5,2007-01-01:133656 2011-04-25T03:28:35-04:00 2011-04-25T03:28:35-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle.<br>Then I realized that the Lord doesnt work that way<br>so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me. DOUBLE ENTENDRE - Rating: 4.5/5,2007-01-01:133408 2011-04-20T01:30:11-04:00 2011-04-20T01:30:11-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Thats not what i meant when i told you to ditch the car LUCK - Rating: 3.3/5,2007-01-01:132939 2011-04-13T04:25:29-04:00 2011-04-13T04:25:29-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>... a force that brings good fortune or adversity.<br>But not like this puleeeze AQUA FORTIS - Rating: 2.8/5,2007-01-01:132886 2011-04-12T04:09:42-04:00 2011-04-12T04:09:42-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Duck 1 Is that what i think it is A great white...<br>Duck 2 Yeah. Van. TRUTH IN ADVERTISING - Rating: 2.9/5,2007-01-01:132885 2011-04-12T04:01:41-04:00 2011-04-12T04:01:41-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Come to where the flavor is<br>Come to... oopsss... wrong ad OSTRACIZED - Rating: 3.4/5,2007-01-01:132882 2011-04-12T03:52:42-04:00 2011-04-12T03:52:42-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Who me Im no ostrich SMILE - Rating: 3.4/5,2007-01-01:132881 2011-04-12T03:46:53-04:00 2011-04-12T03:46:53-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Verb 1. to look or regard with amusement or ridicule<br>2. to bestow approval<br>3. to appear pleasant or agreeable MULTIFUNCTIONALITY - Rating: 4.1/5,2007-01-01:132880 2011-04-12T03:25:28-04:00 2011-04-12T03:25:28-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Nothing can put a good escalator down SELF EXPRESSION - Rating: 3.8/5,2007-01-01:132696 2011-04-08T03:33:16-04:00 2011-04-08T03:33:16-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>When youre bored being normal. BRAKES - Rating: 3.8/5,2007-01-01:132695 2011-04-08T03:28:03-04:00 2011-04-08T03:28:03-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Better to have it and not need it than need it but not have it. CHANGE - Rating: 3.2/5,2007-01-01:132640 2011-04-07T05:56:50-04:00 2011-04-07T05:56:50-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Its about time CONFUSED - Rating: 4.2/5,2007-01-01:132427 2011-04-05T03:05:56-04:00 2011-04-05T03:05:56-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>That Charlie Sheen is one weird dude... OIL ME - Rating: 4.3/5,2007-01-01:132426 2011-04-05T02:29:57-04:00 2011-04-05T02:29:57-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Not today. Too expensive. MYSTERY MACHINE - Rating: 3.1/5,2007-01-01:132421 2011-04-05T00:05:54-04:00 2011-04-05T00:05:54-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Shaggy mustve left the toaster on... U.S. ARMY - Rating: 3.9/5,2007-01-01:132420 2011-04-04T23:59:33-04:00 2011-04-04T23:59:33-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Getting rid of the menace one barrow at a time. BORDER CLASH - Rating: 4/5,2007-01-01:132419 2011-04-04T23:54:35-04:00 2011-04-04T23:54:35-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Who moved the 38th Parallel here JOKES - Rating: 3.5/5,2007-01-01:132345 2011-04-04T03:59:41-04:00 2011-04-04T03:59:41-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Everyone wants to make one as long as they dont look like one. H.R.H. WILLIAM - Rating: 2.7/5,2007-01-01:132344 2011-04-04T03:32:39-04:00 2011-04-04T03:32:39-04:00 <a href=""><img src=""></a><br>Hurts Really Hurts William